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AG Board Activity

Activity Summary 11/13/20


This week:

  • Met with Interim Pastoral candidate and preparing compensation offer.

  • Looking at housing options for Interim Pastor:  hotel or cottage rentals for 1 or 2 nights per week.

  • Evaluating ways to implement children's service during the Pastors message.

  • Discussed communication channels for feedback or suggestions.

  • Added a security camera to the office hallway.

  • Rearranging pews for additional safely spaced seating.


Coming Up:

  • Nov. 17 - Financial Review and Budgeting.

Reminder that our 10:15 am Sunday Service is broadcast live at   

If you have health concerns or don't feel able to wear a mask, please join us online.

Activity Summary 11/5/20


As we are settling into Fall in the Walla Walla Valley, we the AG Board have been busy with the following:


  • Preparing the sanctuary and foyer for return to Sunday AM live services.  

  • Implementing Live Streaming of Sunday service


Coming Up:

  • Scheduled to meet District Superintendent Mowry and a potential Interim Pastor via Zoom meeting on Nov 12.

  • Starting the 2021 budgeting process with the Finance team.

Activity Summary 10/20/20


The additional Board Members approved by election are:

  • Shane Miller

  • Carolyn Friesen

  • Tim Applebee

  • Briana Murphy

  • Michael Murphy


Retiring from the Board:  Jan Adams

Elected as Board Secretary:  Jacob Smith


To better reach the congregation with updates, we have added Auto-calling to the communication options.


Sunday, November 1

We will return to Sunday 10:15 AM services in the sanctuary.  We are very grateful to have Paul Hartwig filling in at the pulpit for November.  For those not comfortable with in-person services, we should have the live video stream available.  


Sunday, October 25th 

We will have the online message from Pastor Paul, but the Willis family will already be on their way to North Carolina.  Please Pray for a safe journey for Paul, Heather, and Holly.  Our 6 pm live service will be Worship and Scripture sharing time.  Please share a scripture that has spoken to you recently.

Activity Summary 9/26/20


Nominees verified for Board election:

  • Shane Miller

  • Michael Murphy

  • Briana Murphy

  • Carolyn Friesen

  • Tim Applebee


Election to be held October 11 at the Sunday evening live service.  Those not attending the service can drop off their ballot between 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the AGNC parking lot.


Board approved a proposal to upgrade the broadcasting computer to enable live video streaming.

Activity Summary 9/18/20


Amazing Grace’s transition to in-person worship gatherings is now underway!  Your leadership team is excited to be working on plans to start bringing us all together again for corporate worship.  Here is a brief summary of what’s coming our way:


September 20 through October 25

  • Creative Church  at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings (recorded online message as usual)

  • Creative Church LIVE at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evenings in the parking lot (or inside the church building if inclement weather)

  • Please remember to “self-screen” before attending, and please wear a mask!  Also, please bring your own chair for the outdoor service.


Beginning Sunday, September 20 


  • We will be meeting every Sunday evening through October 25.  This will be in addition to the online recorded message on Sunday mornings.  If the weather is good and the smoke is gone, we will meet outside in the parking lot.  However, if there is inclement weather and/or smoke, we will move the service into the church for that evening.  We will meet for sure, but the exact “where” of the meeting depends on the weather. 

  • We’re very excited about getting our in-person services going  – it will be so good to be with everyone again! 

  • We’re working hard to make sure we comply with all sanitation and health-related guidelines to ensure that we can continue meeting and that everyone who would like to participate feels safe and comfortable doing so.


Beginning Sunday, November 1


  • “Full Blown Church” at 10:15 in the church building on Sunday mornings. The plan is to move completely back to in-person worship gatherings on Sunday mornings at 10:15 in our church building. 

  • Our hope is to be able to livestream those services, and work has already begun on plans to make that happen.


If you have questions or would like more information, here are some members of the setup team you can call:


​Please feel free to contact the church with any questions! Our Stewardship Team is available to answer any question you may have as well. Blessing to you!

Church Office (509) 525-9493

Activity Summary 9/14/20


  • We have met with David Mowry, our District Superintendent, and been given the District's guide for the Pastoral Search process.

  • We have chosen "Interim Pastor" as the path for us to start. Someone who lives in the area is selected to come for 2-5 days per week to maintain church operations, provide pastoral care, and preach. This is a maintenance and oversight role to keep things going until a new leader arrives. This can last 2-6 months, depending on the length of the search process.

  • We are in the process of the nominating additional board members to help with work that lies ahead.

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